Shouldn't pollution be also factored into the costs involved? There's noise pollution for one. You can hear that roar a good part of day and into the night. I know for some it's blissful music, but for a lot of us it's just noxious din. Then there's air pollution. Doubt that too many of those engines propelling the cars around the track are sporting catalytic converters (if I'm wrong please correct me). And then the gallons and gallons of gasoline used during these races--especially considering these vehicles aren't mileage champs or hybrids. I'm aware I'm dinging a Great American Pastime but let's get real--these races have definite environmental costs too.

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Next Meeting September 6th 7:00pm

Stringer Fine Arts Center - B.J. Warner Recital Hall

600 E. 11th

Hutchinson, KS, KS 67501

Will be discussing Phase II of efforts to save the racetrack and stop demolition. Will have items to distribute (buttons, banners, flags) Please bring any petitions you have signed to meeting for collection.


1. Opening

2. Community Input

3. Phase II of Plan

4. Distribution of Promotional items

Venue Has Capacity for 400+ please attend and invite others. Our greatest strength will be in of our numbers.

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